30th (+1) Anniversary Park Lesson

On Saturday morning, 24th April 2021, Celestial Tai Chi College held an outdoor event at Anderson Park, Hawthorn, as part of the celebration of the College’s 30+1 years since its foundation. This was a belated 30th anniversary as the event had been postponed last year due to the COVID-19 lockdown.
A group of approximately 100 people, including Grand Master Eng Chor, Senior Master Chin Min, Instructors and students from all centres participated in the Park Lesson. Everyone was enthusiastic and welcomed the opportunity to get together to celebrate, practise and especially enjoy the freedom from lockdown.
Coincidentally, this day was also World Tai Chi Day. The World Tai Chi Day started in 1999 and since then every year on the last Saturday of April, practitioners of Tai Chi and Qigong from all over the world get together to do Tai Chi and Qigong. This event is celebrated by over 80 nations, in hundreds of cities spanning 6 continents with tens of thousands of people coming together across cultural, ethnic, religious and geopolitical boundaries with one motto: “One World …One Breath”.
The morning started at 10am with Snr Instructor Snezana welcoming everyone and starting the proceeding, introducing the Masters. Snr Instructor Noel was the Master of Ceremonies and gave us the program of what to expect, making sure that everything was running like clockwork.
Warm-up and limbering exercises were conducted by Snr Instructor Suzette. This was particularly welcomed as it was quite a chilly morning and everyone was keen to do Tai Chi and Qigong.
Grand Master Eng Chor lead us thorough Dao Yin exercises. Different movements and stretches helped us loosen up our stiff muscles and joints, but also helped us get rid of a few COVID kilos! Grand Master then demonstrated Wild Goose Qigong and we all watched with great enthusiasm.
Next, Snr Master Chin Min instructed us on the finer points of Tai Chi practice. He emphasised the importance of keeping in mind the fundamentals of Tai Chi, such as:
Keeping shoulders relaxed, head, neck and spine straight; posture upright and relaxed, not stiff or leaning; movements flowing; the waist moving the arms; hips turning the body; timing coordinated with weight transfer, hand and body actions together when executing movements; finishing footwork before weight transfer.
Snr Master Chin Min concluded by performing a beautiful Yang 32 Sword routine which everyone enjoyed.
After that, the Instructors from the different centres performed Yang Tai Chi Form, Levels 1 and 2. Then Snr Instructor Suzette lead everyone through the cooling down exercises. Finally, the Master of Ceremonies thanked the Masters and participants for their attendance and participation.
The weather held with no rain. It was a little chilly and windy at times, but the sun managed to shine through.
All in all, it was an enjoyable morning, especially the opportunity to train with the Masters and catch up with friends and Tai Chi enthusiasts from other centres.

Tsi Wai Kang
Instructor, Keilor Centre

Thank you to the Masters, Eng Chor and Chin Min, for the 30+1 Anniversary Park Lesson at Anderson Park, Hawthorn. This is the one that I will remember. The warm ups, Qigong, philosophy lesson and Tai Chi levels were performed with high expectations that I have embraced for the past 6 years. It was an amazing experience to meet and practise with a diverse and passionate group of people, in such a beautiful open space.
During the weekly lessons, there is barely any time for socialising, so it was a great idea when it was suggested to car-pool. Not only did we do our bit for the environment, but I made some "very close” buddies with three of us sitting in the back seat.
This newly formed friendship continued at a lovely lunch we enjoyed after the park lesson, with more chatting and laughter. Now I receive additional smiles whenever I walk into the tai chi centre.
Thank you to Siew, Jacquie and Tsi Wai for the amazing atmosphere at the Keilor Centre. I look forward to attending each and every week. And, a special thank you to my new "close" buddies — you know who you are!

Sandra Scida

I joined the Tai Chi class in Keilor Downs fairly recently. I started with Instructor Siew only two terms prior to starting at the college. It didn't take me long to realise that Tai Chi was truly beneficial to reconnecting with my body, mind and spirit.
I was welcomed into the college with great enthusiasm and warmth by everybody in the class.
For the 30+1 College Anniversary, my teacher invited me and a few others to car-pool. At the park, I met the Masters — a truly mesmerising experience to see them work with us and demonstrate Tai Chi. I was in awe of their skills and generous sharing of their knowledge with all of us. Such a treat!
I was inspired to learn more and to hear the Masters speak of what I was feeling and wanting, reaffirmed my journey so far.
Spending time with wonderful people that day and getting to know them better was an honour, especially sharing such a graceful, creative art like Tai Chi warmed my heart and soul. And, I have only just begun! I look forward to my learning and using every opportunity to be in the presence of the Masters. Thank you for my experience thus far.

Robyn Rudd

It’s Tuesday night, so it’s a trip to the Keilor Hall for the weekly tai chi session.
After COVID interruptions of last year, it was good to join in real life rather than on a screen.
With the arrival of new faces for their first classes, it seems that under Siew’s patient on-screen tutelage I had learnt enough to graduate to new levels.
I have enjoyed the individual tuition that has shown the ‘moves behind the moves’, so that I can understand the meaning of each movement. I feel that my form has become much more fluid.
Our Instructors, Jacqui and Siew, encouraged us to attend the 30+1 Anniversary celebrations at Anderson Park in Hawthorn, where it was inspiring to see so many other Tai Chi practitioners. Meeting the Masters and watching their demonstrations, and the people who quietly instructed on the YouTube videos, was a particular highlight.

John Bourne

At Anderson Park Hawthorn, at 10 am on 24th April 2021, Grand Master Eng Chor Khor and Senior Master Chin Min along with the students and Instructors of the Celestial Tai Chi College celebrated 30+1 years of the College.
It was a pleasure to reconnect with students from different Celestial classes and to share a Park Lesson, which generated lots of positive energy. Grand Master Eng Chor demonstrated various forms of Tai Chi and Qigong and Senior Master Chin Min took the students through sharpening techniques and going back to basics.
There was a good representation from classes throughout metropolitan Melbourne.

Our Keilor instructors and students enjoyed a celebratory lunch together following the park lesson.

Di Campbell

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Updated: 1 August 2021