Park Lesson @ Riverside Park

We had the most wonderful Park Lesson with Senior Master Chin Min, by the Maribyrnong River in Moonee Ponds.
This was a landmark occasion – the first time in 30 years the Week 6 Park Lesson was not held at East Malvern. We were lucky to be the first to have this in our local area since Master Chin Min decided to “take his show on the road”, travelling to different parts of Melbourne each term.
We were all looking forward to this occasion, although my personal enthusiasm was waning a bit when I saw the weather forecast. But as luck would have it, there was no rain. We had quite a bit of sunshine, in fact. Also, it is always lovely to do tai chi looking out across the river. There was a surprising number of people about too, jogging, walking dogs and rowing.
Approximately 45 people attended, many of whom would not have attended a park lesson before, nor had a chance to work with Master Chin Min, and from the feedback I received everybody enjoyed it immensely. I certainly finished the lesson feeling very uplifted and inspired.
Master Chin Min led us through a number of the Tao Yin forms — ‘Hold the sky press the mountain’, ‘Pluck a star from the sky’, ‘Peep at the moon’, ‘Scholar picks herbs’ and ‘Venerable scholar strokes beard’. Then, as usual, we broke off into groups to work on different levels of our form. We revised the Tao Yin exercises at the end, to try and lock them into our memories.
Before the session ended, Master Chin Min demonstrated the very beautiful Dayan (Wild Goose) Qigong, one of the oldest and most highly respected Qigong forms. It may have been new to some, but to those of us who have been working on it over time, Chin Min’s lovely performance showed us what we should all aspire to achieving.
I always enjoy park lessons when I can get to them. They are a great opportunity, no matter where they are held. But I must say from a purely personal point of view, it was so good to be closer to home, and to know that once the lesson was over, I would be home within 20 minutes.
We look forward to hearing more about Master Chin Min’s adventures as he visits different parts of Melbourne each term.
Thank you very much for holding the class in our part of town, Master Chin Min. We all enjoyed it very much.
Thanks to Wayne for doing a lovely warm-up, to Siew for the music, and to Jacqui for taking lots of photos. Mind you, we’ll be virtually unrecognisable in our scarves, beanies, big coats, masks etc. It was, after all, only 7 degrees!
Best wishes to all.

Joy Muir, Instructor
Moonee Ponds Centre

What did you do on July 3, 2021?

I went to Tai Chi Park Lesson at Riverside Park, Maribyrnong, when the expected maximum temperature was to be 10 degrees Celcius and rain and hail were on the horizon.
I always get from Moonee Ponds to Malvern Park on time, but today when only 15 minutes away, I was late. I put this down to the extra time it took to dress – 2 pairs of socks, 2 jumpers, jacket, scarf, beanie and gloves.
I love going to the park lessons. There is nothing more enjoyable than doing Tai Chi in the open air, the sun shining and a gentle breeze blowing through your hair. Occasionally at Malvern, the odd dog comes to join our class or drop a ball at our feet. At Fairfield, you hear the cheers of the parents watching their children play soccer.
Well, Riverside Park was different to Malvern and Fairfield. You could see the ripples on the Maribyrnong River. Lots of people walking, running, riding their bikes, rowing down the river or taking their dogs for a walk. Some glanced, others stopped to watch us perform our beautifully synchronised manoeuvres.
This was an opportunity to meet new people. It was a fabulous park lesson! There were lots of cold noses and smiling faces. Two hours well spent and a sense of being at peace with the world prevailed.
Tonee Skipper,
Moonee Ponds Centre

Maribyrnong Park Lesson - Impressions, delights and excitements!

Well, yet another splendid and rewarding Saturday morning, learning and doing Tai Chi with SM Chin Min. A cold start to the day, but as soon as the sun rose over the magnificent palm trees and cast a shimmering glow on the becalmed waters of the Maribyrnong River, we were in for a most enjoyable morning. A good attendance of 45 were treated to some challenging warm-up exercises from Wayne and some entertaining banter from Chin Min who was in a most cheerful mood and clearly enjoying the change of venue for the first time in 30 years! The sun was up, the grass was green and the river was practically lapping at our feet.
Our first few exercises from Chin Min had us all twisting and giggling, but were really good and got everyone in the mood for more. We moved on to a selection of Tao Yin movements that challenged some and reminded others of what a great set of qigong exercises the Tao Yin is!
Our various level and revision instruction hopefully helped all concerned. Before we finished what turned out to be a really enjoyable morning, SM Chin Min performed a masterful rendition of Wild Goose Qigong, which was appreciated by all.
I am looking forward to getting out to other centres in the future.
Dave Brogden, Instructor
Moonee Ponds

On this very cold morning, Master Chin Min took us through a series of exercises where we held up the sky, pushed a mountain, plucked a star, looked up at the moon, picked some herbs and stroked a long beard! It was very interesting. Unfortunately, some of us came away with frozen feet!!! But that was due to wet grass.
Jenny Whipp,
Moonee Ponds

I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed the Saturday’s park event. It was the first park lesson I have attended.
I enjoyed following Chin Min in his exercises and, of course, the personal tuition I received from other instructors.
The climax was Chin Min’s demonstration of Wild Goose Qigong, which was beautiful and elegant. I learned one important thing. He does it much better than I do!
Geoff Edgar,
Moonee Ponds

Despite the very cold start and an abundance of coats, beanies and scarves, the park lesson beside the river was a wonderful experience under Master Chin Min’s expert guidance. I always come away with some part of his lesson impressed in my mind and this allows me to take an aspect of practice forward to help improve my tai chi. On this occasion it was that the hips always lead each movement (Master Chin Min probably worded this more eloquently)!
The warming sunshine and the chi were well activated by the completion of the lesson. I am very grateful that I have the opportunity to experience these special park sessions with the Masters and such friendly groups of likeminded tai chi community.
Cathie Shevlin,
Moonee Ponds

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Updated: 26 August 2021