Why are Bundoora students excited to return to class?

‘I am excited to come back to class, because I enjoy teaching, all my students’ achievements are my achievements. It gives me joy when my students think they can't do a movement, but then it clicks for them — be it a ‘Brush Knee’ or a ‘Needle at Sea Bottom’ movement or the whole level.’
Margaret Bay, Instructor

‘I am excited to come back to class as it is a time in the week that I do something for my own health and wellbeing. When I am in class, I do not think about anything else. It reduces my stress level every time.’
Mary, Student

‘I am looking forward to returning to Tai Chi for many reasons: firstly, for the community spirit and encouragement from instructors as well as participants, and also for the weekly routine of gentle exercise for the body and the mind.’
Tania, Student

‘I am extremely happy to return to class because it helps my physical and mental health, in as much as I tend to stay calm when things seem to be overwhelming.’
Lesley, Student

‘I’m excited to come back to class because I find peace, tranquillity and a sense of achievement. Looking forward to seeing everyone again!’
Helen, Student

‘I am looking forward to returning to Tai Chi classes because I really enjoy the social connection with others. The teachers are welcoming, knowledgeable and friendly. I am grateful for the physical and mental benefits Tai Chi gives my body. It is calming and good for my memory.’
Kerry, Student

‘I greatly enjoy developing new skills that can help me at my current stage of life. The components of Tai Chi that help me in my daily life are balance, concentration and discipline of Tai Chi. I also enjoy the approach the trainers take to Tai Chi as the movements are explained in a professional, but in some ways light-hearted manner. I am looking forward to coming back to class to learn more and be with like-minded people.’
Jeff, Student

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Updated: 10 October 2021